Friday, March 14, 2014

I also, changed from that 3.11.

I also, changed from that 3.11.
.(*^-^*) . Starting the journey of life on our own is like rowing a boat onto an ocean without a compass.
But, In our personal lives or in managing a business, one step at a time, is the only sure way to make a dream come true. I hope, to the next generation, I like to  tell the fun of making clothes. Every country is same. I wish you happiness of everyone. 
I love ZEN. Zen’s is to know the frame of mind. It is the mettle to take a look at oneself and come to grips with reality. Zen’s essence both reveals the way you are and polishes your mind throughout daily life.
so, throughout the Fashion design…..
Thank you very much. 
Have a good day! 

katsu. mizutani.   (^-^)/

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