Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We never forget 3.11. at 2:46, All for Next generetion.

We never forget 3.11. at 2:46 , It is Japanese.

People have, inside themseles,

the ability to resolve their troubles.

Like all matters which have both

negative and positive sides,

there are both sides in the heart of people.

It is up to the individual to select the side,

positive or negative to light up .

When you feel pain,

Agony or sadness....we never forget 3.11.

and succeed one step at a time.

We never be a slave to money.

These increased efforts also bring greater results,

and the compounding effect can raise you up to

incredible heights if you simply keep going.

All for Next generetion.

The sorrow does not fade away,

We are open a new era, It is a Japanese heart.

Succeed one step at a time.

Katsu mizutani.

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